Our optometrists offer comprehensive eye tests and a great range of glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. Visique optometrists - 100% kiwi owned, providing high quality, professional eyecare service

News | About Visique

Visique is a New Zealand co-operative network of independent clinically centric optometrists established in 2000 who provide reliable and affordable eye care to all New Zealanders. We care about Kiwi eyes because we're proudly New Zealand owned and operated. You'll find our practices on the main streets of Kiwi towns.

Visique practitioners are committed to the highest quality professional eye care. We have a reputation for clinical excellence and for spending quality time with customers allowing our optometrists to understand each customer’s individual needs and to advise them of the best solutions for them.

Visique position themselves at the heart of their local communities, supporting them through initiatives like 'Free sunglasses for new entrants'. Our support program is celebrating its 10th year where new entrants in schools across New Zealand are offered free sunglasses. The program highlights with parents and teachers the importance of children's vision care.

Visique practices offer a wide range of high technology lenses and quality eyewear including exclusive ranges of good value frames to suit all budgets.

logo    Our professional standards seal means that you can trust in Visique's commitment to professionalism and quality.

PROFESSIONALISM: We offer our 9 step eye test and advice tailored to your individual needs;

EXCELLENCE: We invest in professional excellence, using the latest technology and the highest quality lenses;

TRUST:  We've been your Kiwi owned and operated optometrist for over ten years. You can trust that the health of Kiwi eyes is our top priority.

Services available

The optometrists at Visique offer excellence in clinical management and advice, including:

  • Spectacles, including fashion frames

  • Prescription Sunglasses

  • Contact Lenses

  • Vision training by muscular or perceptual exercises

  • Diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and other eye conditions

  • Dedicated optical solutions for computer or other occupational demands

  • Referral to an eye surgeon (ophthalmologist) for surgery or secondary medical care

  • Total eye and vision care for the whole family

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